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Medical Furniture Healthcare Storage Solutions

Equipment Procurement & Interior Design Consultancy Services

Our range includes products produced to NHS guidelines. We help medical professionals select the best quality equipment. Our professional advisors provide guidance for such items as; Healthcare Refrigeration, Examination, Waiting Room Furniture and Pharmacy Storage Systems.

If you do not find a suitable item on our website, we can source or have it made for you. Please call 01392 927 567 or 07921 863736.

Authorised Sunflower Medical Furniture Distributor 

In-house medical furniture specialists can direct you to the right product. Design new room spaces & manufacture bespoke products. FPD Group also distributes many popular UK manufacturer brands at competitive prices.

Selling Medical Equipment To The UK and Globally

With over 40 years of experience in the UK healthcare industry, supplying high-quality hospital furniture and storage solutions to many different sectors including bespoke products to fit perfectly into workplaces. Our client base includes community pharmacists, care homes, health clinics, prisons and military medical centres. Read about our services
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