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    The popular Y-Series open view Shelving and Drawer System developed & designed initially for hospitals and more recently used by community pharmacists. Our clients tell us when an establishment uses a significant number of locums the open view method is preferable. FPD offer a wide selection of drawer and shelf sizes, with front to back (depth) measurements between 400 mm 700mm depths and width (length) dimensions between 650mm and 1000mm. Heights of Drawer are typically around 75mm/140mm or higher is used for bulky items. Unlike traditional timber shelf systems where stock is often hidden or inaccessible from picking hands, Y-Series drawers use a drawer mechanism to allow full access to all products.

    FIFO is an acronym for “First In First Out” our adjustable shelf partition channels are typically filled from the rear to reduce the losses caused by storing out of date medicines, a subject often highlighted by busy pharmacists who wish to resolve the problem by replacing traditional open shelving with Y-Series.

    Retail Pharmacy
    Retail Dispensary

    Y-Series metal-based storage systems offers great flexibility and can be combined with hygienic work surfaces, combining workstations, picking and checking processes. Drug Cabinets and Pharmacy Fridges can also easily be incorporated in a dispensary workflow design.

    Good value Sizes available to fit any room space View medicines and pick and prepare all in arms reach. Helps control stock levels – better organisation – FIFO First In First Out principles. Bench Height or Full Height you choose. Y-Series System can be used to make bespoke Island units.

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