Vaccine Fridges

A range of fridges to meet the demands of vaccine storage with an even greater accuracy when measuring temperature. Our new system always measures true vaccine temperature, rather than just the air temperature of the unit. This means you vaccines are safeguarded at all times. Guidelines are getting stricter…“Vaccines cost the NHS around £200 million a year. The loss of only one dose of Pediacel vaccine a month in each general practice would cost an estimated £4 million a year.”

Vaccine Fridge 41 Litre Countertop with Solid Door

Item Code: FPD-12382    

£821.00 including VAT: £985.20

Dimensions: 702 mm x 379 mm x 500 mm
Flexible internal storage. Multiple shelf locations along with a wire basket provides a flexible storage solution. Anti-microbial handle Powder coated to help prevent cross contamination by inhibiting the growth of microbes.

2ºC to 8ºC temperature range
External digital controller and temperature display
Fitted lock and 2 keys
Audible and visual temperature alarms
2 year warranty as standard

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