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    The H-Series Flat Drawer System has proven to be one of the most successful dispensary storage methods for over 50 years. Your designer and shopfitter can select from a vast range of pharmacy drawer sizes, with front to back (depth) measurements between 535mm to 1200mm depths and width (length) dimensions between 417mm and 602mm. Heights of Drawer are typically 125mm/140mm or 250mm high. No other solution offers such a high density of medicine pack storage in such a small footprint. Its fast to pick prescriptions and organises your stock with all box labelling clearly visible to a pharmacist. FPD Group have successfully assisted installations to prison healthcare rooms, major hospitals and GP surgeries. Manual dispensing drawers are also an ideal choice to sit alongside new pharma robots, solving problems for fastmoving medicines, awkward sized packs or bottles and split packs.

    Multiple smooth moving larger drawers create a superb method for waiting prescriptions, adding an easy and low-cost A to Z customer lookup labelling systems to our equipment greatly speed up searches of prepared bagged items.


    Retail Pharmacy

    For most lower volume pharmacies, the cost outlay of installing a robotic is simply not viable versus and FPD Z Series flat drawer system as it usually provides well over 10 years usage without the high maintenance and software costs of a typical robotic device.

    Great value Sizes available to fit almost any room space Mesh Drawers for greater visibility and easier dust control Fast to use Helps control stock levels – better organisation Greater security than traditional open plan shelving. Bench Height or choose a height to suit your space.

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