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Pharmacy Work Surfaces

  • Hard wearing integrated work surfaces that are adjustable in height to provide ergonomically suitable conditions.
  • Grey colour contrasts well with white pills. The work surfaces are located into the slotted upright system so could be moved in future if work flow developed or changed. Sink unit can be fitted into top. Upstand at rear will take electric sockets to provide power close to where you need it. Retractable work surfaces - Handy surface that pulls out when needed and is safely stored at all other times.
Y Work Station Work Surface

Work Station Work Surface

Y Work Surface

Work Surface



  Width Depth Height Thickness

Work Surfaces modules of 760mm 506mm 190mm 40mm

Retractable Work Surfaces 722mm 547mm 40mm -



Y Sliding Bracket
Sliding Bracket
Y Work Surface Upstand
Work Surface Upstand
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