Medical Refrigeration

Medical Refrigeration

FPD Group Ltd provide a wide range of cold chain storage units, our highly popular pharmacy fridges and designed and manufactured in the UK and have warranties of 2-5 years (dependant on model).

Pharmacy Fridges
Vaccine Transportation

Our extensive range of pharmacy fridges and laboratory fridges are available in a wide range of sizes, pharmacy fridges have highly accurate temperature control and operate with the 2-8C range. Laboratory fridges are available in with either fan assisted cooling or sparkfree cooling, please ask when buying with model is most appropriate.

Our standard range of 10, 20, and 30 litre carry bags are ideal for vaccination programs lasting up to 8 hours. Our bags lose 0.74°C per hour without the use of coolants giving you 8.1 hours if the samples were put in at 2°C and the lid unopened! We do however advise the use of 5°C cool packs to help maintain temperature. WE advise a minimum of a cool pack on the top and bottom of the samples but ideally one on each side also. If you are opening and closing the lid on the bag repeatedly, use a layering system in the bag by incorporating our thermal separators in between each layer of vaccines. This reduces the impact of the ambient air getting in to the bag on opening. Also the lid should be opened the bare minimum to extract the vaccines and for the least amount of time!

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