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X Series Sloping Pharmacy Drawers

The most important requirement for optimising stock flow in the modern pharmacy is to concentrate the largest amount of medicines in the least space as close as possible to the work station. The LX Drawer System with its unusual inclined bottom, has a number of benefits:

  • The product standing upright enables easy reading of the labels facing the outside of the drawer.
  • The angled bottom allows the product to fall to the front to facilitate picking up (First In First Out).
  • The drawers partition provide transparent label holders to allow easy reading of bar codes.
  • Shorter searching time as the sides of the drawers are transparent.
  • The stock holding capacity is improved.
  • Total visibility without need of using stools to see the highest drawers.
  • Telescopic extraction which allows improves space utilisation.
  • 16 LX Drawers per bay.
  • Optional timber drawers fronts and cladding packs available in a wide range of finishes.
  • Customised configurations available.
  • LX-lt Drawers slope from left low to right high.
  • LX-rt Drawers are the mirror image sloping from right low to left high.
LX Pharmacy Drawer System Seven Bay LX Drawer System
LX Pharmacy Drawer Extended LX Drawer Extended
LX Pharmacy Drawer Empty LX Drawer with Divider System



  LX-lt_105T LX-lt_125T LX-rt_105T LX-rt_125T

Item Code FPD-09962 FPD-09963 FPD-09964 FPD-09965

Height 2,164mm 2,164mm 2,164mm 2,164mm

Depth 1,031mm 1,231mm 1,031mm 1,231mm

Width 267mm 267mm 267mm 267mm

Fronts Height 125-250mm 125-250mm 125-250mm 125-250mm

Inside Depth 900mm 1,100mm 900mm 1,100mm

Inside Width 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm

Inside Height 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm



VX Drawer Divider System
Divider System
VX Drawer Double Depth
Double Depth Drawer
VX Drawer Front
Drawer Front
VX Drawer Extended
Extended Drawer
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