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Breast Milk Storage Freezer

Expression, Storage and Administration of Expressed Breast Milk Policy Storage of EBM EBM should be stored in exclusive fridges or freezers that are locked at all times or in clinical areas that only staff will have access to. Once labelled correctly the milk will be stored on trays which have an addressograph label of the baby attached to it. EBM should be stored at the following temperatures: Freezer below -20C Fridge 2 to 4C. Frozen EBM can be stored in a suitable freezer at -20°C for up to 3 months. EBM should be stored or transported at a temperature maintained between 2°C - 4°C. **Porter bags are available for this purpose. EBM which is known to be infectious should be stored separately i.e maternal MRSA. Freezers should have an adequate alarm fitted to alert any temperature rise that may induce thawing of the EBM. Feeds should be disposed of if temperatures are not within the recommended range. The thermometers should be kept at the back of the fridge not in the door – Fridge temperatures should be checked and recorded daily to avoid fluctuations in temperature. The inside of the fridge should be checked and cleaned daily, standard trust documentation will reflect that this has been achieved.

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