Y Series Pharmacy Pullout Shelving System

A range of pharmacy storage and pharmacy shelving equipment designed specifically for dispensaries within pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

All parts, including worksurfaces, are interchangeable so layouts can be amended at any time in the future to suit any changes in work flow or best practise. Maximises stock density holding between three and four times the amount of stock held on traditional shelves.

  • Increase dispensing efficiency
  • Help to reduce selection errors
  • Improve stock control
  • Space saving system
  • Simple to install
  • Lowest prices
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Easy to clean
Pharma Drawer - Pullout Shelves

Full Height Shelving

Pharma Drawer Double Sided Work Station

Double-Sided Work Station







Y Series Reduced Depth Drawer
Reduced Depth Drawer
Y Series Half Width Drawer
Half Width Drawer
Y Series Labelling Kit
Labelling Kit
Y Series Extended Shelf
Extended Shelf
Y Series Labelling Kit
Labelling Kit
Y Series Plinth Drawer
Plinth Drawer
Y Series Open Drawer
Optional Drawer Lid (Open)
Y Series Closed Drawer
Optional Drawer Lid (Closed)

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