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T-Series Dispensary Furniture

T-Series Dispensary Furniture is a versatile modular range of high quality timber furniture designed specifically for use in the dispensing environment. The modular design allows for easy installation, unlimited configurations and can be combined with our other pharmacy systems.

Whether you’re the owner, a shop fitter or architect FPD Group can assist you at all levels when planning out your installation. Our T-Series furniture is in use throughout the UK in Pharmacies, Health Centre’s, Hospitals, Vegetarian Practices, Dentists, Prisons, MOD and many other facilities.


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T-Series provides a complete set of furniture for all types of medical-related facilities, typically T-Series is installed in Pharmacies, Surgeries, Dental and Veterinary Practices. T-Series can also be combined with our other furniture ranges such as our highly popular Y-Series High Capacity Pull-out Shelving.

FPD Group offers a full design service, alternatively, we can offer guidance to the owner, architect or shopfitter on best practices and furniture that will best utilize your space or budget. When planning your project start by sketching out your floor plan, add dimensions and remember to note features such as windows and electrical power points. To best utilise your floor space and maximise the efficiency of your room space you must carefully plan out your process workflow and choose a system that best suits your requirements and budget. Click here for more information on design and process flow.

FPD Group Planning Services – Our price structure works on a similar basis to Architectural or a Drawing Technologist fees. If you require CAD design expertise or a feasibility site survey please speak with our sales consultants.


How To Buy

If you have a proposed design available FPD Group will put together a quotation for your approval, to assist with your decision making we can also provide alternate quotations based on the supply of other furniture systems or combinations of various systems such as Z-Series pharmacy drawer systems and Y-Series pullout shelving. If no design is available FPD Group do have Computer Aided 2/3D modelling services available, please call to discuss. 

On payment of your order (see payment methods), FPD Group will provide delivery schedules, typically allow a production lead time 3-4 weeks, although special colours may take longer. You may choose to use local joiners/fitters for your installation,  or FPD Group will provide an installation service for an extra fee.


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