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R-Series Retail Shelving

R-Series Retail Shelving provides a flexible, modular metal shelving system that can be installed quickly and easily. With a choice of panel shelf sizes and colours allowing customisation to suit all types of retail environments. This system is complemented by a range of accessories such as roll-out plinth drawers for additional storage areas, LED feature lighting and optional accessories to support slatted wall and pegboard displays.


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Technical Specification


Sample Description Setup

Double-Sided Gondola

A two-meter run, double sided gondola with clad ends. Each gondola has 6 shelves (3 either side) the middle upright post is shared between both modules to create a seamless run of shelving. The slatwall clad panels increase visual impact, prevent items from falling off the ends and allow for additional item display space using slatwall accessories.


Shopping Aisle

Full Height Shelving creating a shopping aisle, long runs of shelving can be arranged with shelves of varying sizes and amounts. Shelves can easily be adjusted by lifting the brackets to accommodate products of different sizes.


Corner Shelving

Boxing in the corners as shown below creates an attractive way of working shelving around corners. The box also prevents the stock from dropping off.


Wall Bay of 4 different length modules

Wall shelving runs in 4 lengths available (450mm, 650mm, 1000mm, 1200mm). The different lengths can be combined in any order to suit installations of varying sizes. Optional timber end clads can be manufactured in any shape or finish.


Gondola & Wall Shelving

Wall units combined with gondolas, the modular nature of the components allows you to create unlimited shelving arrangements.


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