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Y Series Drawers & Deep Drawers

The pharmacy deep drawers have been design for storage of bulkier items and finished prescriptions.

  • Heavy duty drawer runners mean that up to 50kg can be stored in each drawer.
  • Optional lid improves data protection when used with finished scripts or creates an extra temporary work surface ideal for re-stocking.
  • PVC label holders help to create a finished prescription retrieval system or insert your own labels for quickly identifying stock positions.
  • Base plinth storage unit takes bulkier items and is removable to aid floor cleaning.
Y Pharmacy Drawers in Shelving Unit

Drawers in Shelving Unit

Pharmacy Deep Drawers And Plinth Drawers

Pharmacy Deep Drawers



  Height Width Depth

Pullout Drawer 50mm 718mm 520mm

Reduced Depth Pullout Drawer 50mm 718mm 350mm



Y Series Labelling Kit
Labelling Kit
Y Series Plinth Drawer
Plinth Drawer
Y Series Open Drawer
Optional Drawer Lid (Open)
Y Series Closed Drawer
Optional Drawer Lid (Closed)
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