Clinical Bins & Medical Sackholders

Clinical Bins & Medical Sackholders

We supply a range of bins to the healthcare industry all designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Our clinical bins are fire retardant, hands-free operated and easy to clean. Bins are available with different lid colours dependant on the application and in various sizes.

Clinical Bins are available in 20, 50 and 70 Litre sizes, these high quality flame retardant bins have a choice of lid colours yellow for 'waste for incineration' (formerly clinical waste) and tiger stripe for 'offensive/hygiene waste' plus all the other colours required by HTM07-01.

Sackholders are ideal in areas where the risk of fire is minimal. The range of free standing sackholders are made of the latest corrosion resistant materials. Ideally suited for janitorial uses in areas where basic sackholders are required.

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