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X Series Pharmacy Bench Drawer System

With four depths and five different widths, the BX Drawer System can solve almost all the space problems in a pharmacy, medical store or office. This system is available as a self-supporting structure it can be panelled to obtain plain economic counters. The built-in structure can be placed into pre-set existing spaces.

  • A large range of accessories and separators are available, enabling the drawers to be easily labelled and divided.
  • Central locking is also available.
  • Optional timber drawers fronts and cladding packs available in a wide range of finishes.
  • Customised configurations available.
BX Bench Drawers BX Bench Drawers
BX Bench Drawers Open BX Bench Drawers Open



  BX_50T BX_55T BX_60T

Item Code FPD-09972 FPD-09973 FPD-09974

Depth 488.5mm 538.5mm 588.5mm

Width 434-498-620-716-806mm

Height 580-650-720-800-940mm

Inside Width S 2 x 170mm 2 x 170mm 2 x 170mm

Inside Width M 2 x 202mm 2 x 202mm 2 x 202mm

Inside Width L 3 x 170mm 3 x 170mm 3 x 170mm

Inside Width M3 3 x 202mm 3 x 202mm 3 x 202mm

Inside Width L4 4 x 170mm 4 x 170mm 4 x 170mm

Inside Height 100-135-205-275mm



BX Double Drawer
Double Drawer
BX M3 Drawer
M3 Drawer
BX L4 Drawer
L4 Drawer
BX Waste Materials Drawer
Waste Materials Drawer
BX Drawer for Spatulas
Drawer for Spatulas
BX Drawer for Preparations
Drawer for Preparations
BX Homeopathy Drawer
Homeopathy Drawer
BX Drawer without Longitudinal Divider
Drawer without Longitudinal Divider
BX Drawer for Suspended Folders
Drawer for Suspended Folders
BX Drawer for Pens and Stamps
Drawer for Pens and Stamps
BX Prescriptions Drawer
Prescriptions Drawer
BX Sheets and Envelope Drawer
Sheets and Envelope Drawer
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